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Vintage Furniture Designs – A Resurgence

vintage style dining chairThe 1950’s saw a widespread emergence of specialized furniture shops, that produced furnitures with simple and elegant designs for a new breed of aficionados, who wanted to adorn their newly constructed homes in the post-war era, with charming furnitures. More and more people set out to look for furnishings to impart a more relaxed and optimistic look to their home décor, and acquire especially designed cabinets for their latest TVs and record decks.

Cut to 2015. The world is witnessing (for the last few years now, to be honest) a resurgence in the 1950’s patterns and colours not just in furnitures, but in fashionable fabrics and accessories as well. Modern interior designers are widely using the 1950-1970’s retro fitting to decorate living rooms, with post-war and post-rationing era inspired furnitures and items. The colourful optimism, which was the hallmark of the post-war era furnishings, is now being noticed in all of the new age furniture designs.

The best part of this resurgence is that you can easily find stylish, almost-antique pieces of furniture at the local charity shops, vintage emporiums or furniture recycling outlets at a very cheap price! The top London stores store these delightful vintage pieces too, but you can easily end up paying more than a thousand bucks while going for vintage furniture by brands like Ercol or G Plan. Instead, you can try to experiment with your home décor and mix your modern furniture with the choicest 1970’s vintage accessories or items. Go for a vintage vase to place atop your contemporary mantel piece, or get your antique sofa reinvented with patterned upholstery. It is all about appreciating the modern and vintage styles, and providing these almost-antiques a new breath of life.

Remember that time when you winced at how shabby the 40 year old G Plan furniture looked? That vintage piece of furniture is a widely sought after antique piece now. It is time to embrace our history, and the vibrant lifestyle and the colourful décor that is reminiscent of the bygone era of vintage furniture designs.