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The Different Styles Of Dining Tables And Chair Sets

Breakfast nooks, kitchen diners, formal dining rooms. Each of your dining requirements and the space that’s given to them differ greatly from your neighbours and friends. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a luxurious mansion or a small apartment, there’s a science to choosing the appropriate chair set and dining table and it’ll be sure to go a long way in setting the functionality and tone of your home.

Grey gloss dining table

For many people that read this article, the dining table was the household’s hub and wasn’t solely used for dining, but was also used for a variety of other purposes. These include working on crafts, using it as a buffet table, for game night or for homework. Nowadays it’s more common for people to have a few different tables for these activities, but if you’re limited on space then you’re going to want a dining table to be serving a selection of purposes. If you haven’t looked for any dining tables and chair sets before, take some time to consider how it’s going to be put to use when you’re deciding on what’s best for your house.

Space isn’t just a last minute consideration, it’s absolutely essential when you’re planning for a chair set and dining table. One of the most reliable rules of thumb is to remember that a dining table’s going to be around 30 inches tall, and you are going to want chair seats to be around 20 inches from the floor to provide ample lap space. You will need seats with a width of about 22 inches, which is a comfortable size for most people. While designers commonly suggest that you keep at least 40 inches of space around the table for manoeuvring around the furniture surrounding it, you may need to have your dining table and chair set sitting a bit more snugly within your living environment. A really good way to solve this issue is to have a table that features extensions or drops leafs, which are fantastic for accommodating both small and large gatherings. Keep in mind that a smaller table’s going to look great when it’s been put against a wall with a good, framed piece of art positioned on it.

natural Oak dining table and benchThe way that you compose your dining room and the furnishings within is going to determine how elaborate of a chair set and dining table you can use. Are you in love with a more traditional style? Or maybe something that’s rustic, country or perhaps tailored to arts & crafts? Maybe your room has a mixture of different designs and you’re after a more simple style that provides a smooth visual transition.

An increasingly popular choice are counter-height dining room table sets. Whether you go for a bistro-style dining room table or a classic, traditional dining set, counter-height table sets seem to have an amazing ability to put any guest at ease.

Wood is the most popular material for dining tables and chair sets; it harnesses natural beauty and offers a wide range of types to cater for different tastes. And perhaps just as importantly, it’s both a durable and classic choice. A glass table top will offer an easy to clean surface and a beautiful array of reflections when a lit candle’s sat upon it to set the mood. Marble and stone are functional and very attractive choices as well, primarily finding popularity with home chefs and for transitional designs.

With regards to seating – there’s no point in spending hours on end creating a gorgeous gourmet meal if you haven’t got comfortable seating at your dining table. If you are fortunate enough to have plenty of space surrounding the dining table, go for dining chairs with arms if you’d like for your guests to be able to get a bit more cosy after a meal’s finished. This allows for conversation to flow comfortably into the night. An armless chair is a good choice for when you’re limited on space or if you’d like to seat more people. Dining benches are increasing in popularity and they offer a casual dining experience that’s really useful for families that have small children that are always on the move. Cushions can be very helpful to increase the comfort of your seating arrangement and to create a mood. Different pattern and colour options online are basically unlimited and are available in a selection of materials that are simple to clean.