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5 Reasons To Love Reclaimed Wood Furniture



Many people today are choosing reclaimed wood furniture over mass produced wooden furniture.

It’s easy to see the appeal with reclaimed wooden furniture offering a unique style that newer items just don’t have! 

  1. Reclaimed wood furniture has real character – When you buy a piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood you know that you have something unique, which no-one else has! Whereas mass produced pieces often look the same and lack character. 

  2. Better for our environment – You are giving a new lease of life to wood that has already been chopped down and previously used, so effectively you are recycling that piece of wood and preventing the need to use up more wood! Additionally the trees that are used for mass produced wooden furniture today are usually grown on farms and are varieties which grow really fast. These types of trees aren’t supportive of our ecosystem. 


  3. Durable and sturdy – With reclaimed wood furniture the wood is from trees which were allowed to grow naturally – They grew stronger than trees which are mass produced. Therefore the wood itself is stronger and more durable. If it’s quality and uniqueness that you are looking for you will certainly find it with reclaimed wood furniture. 
  4. You get unique looking wood that you simply won’t get anywhere else – This means that furniture made from reclaimed wood can be a real style statement. You won’t find it on the high street! In the future that item of reclaimed wood furniture may well become an antique because it is one of a kind. 
  5. You can mix & match it to your room – Whether you are choosing to get a piece of furniture commissioned and sourcing the wood yourself, or you are buying a piece that has already been made, using reclaimed wood furniture means you can find something that fits into your room beautifully. Perhaps you like everything to match, or maybe you prefer a more mixed, eclectic style. Either way you can find what you are looking for when you choose reclaimed wood. 


When you buy wooden furniture from us you can be sure that we have used locally sourced, environmentally friendly reclaimed wood. We also treat the wood to make sure it is free from any infestations and that it will not warp. 

The truth is that buying reclaimed wood furniture is not only the more ethical choice, it’s also the more stylish option when you are looking for something a little different. We think that reclaimed wood furniture has more soul that the newer pieces just don’t have!