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Investment Furniture – To Buy or Not To Buy?

9ft Henry VIII Table with Button Chairs 2

Investment furniture… 

To buy, or not to buy, that’s often the question when faced with purchasing a more expensive, hand-made piece of furniture versus a mass produced item.

There is merit to this question – Fads change and often mass-produced items can satisfy our need for instant gratification, but the positives of buying quality hand-made furniture outweigh these arguments.

Crafted furniture is often made to last with personal attention taken on each corner join and unique piece of wood where quality is ensured rather than being machine handled.

So ,if sustainably made, environmentally friendly, classic, timeless furniture is what you’re looking for, then investment furniture definitely fits your profile.

Here are the best pieces to start looking at, as your first investment buys:

Mattress – This is top of my list as I’m not a nice person if I’m sleep deprived, which I think is the case with most of humanity! A good mattress, if looked after, will last one a long time and is well worth the money for the hours of sleep one spends on it!6ft Slab Top Set 3 Button Chairs

Dining table – Whether you enjoy entertaining or not, a good dining room table can be a multipurpose work top as well as a central, social place for dinner, games and arts & crafts evenings. A timeless dining room table can be updated by changing the style and fashion of the chairs paired with it, and, if one’s feeling really daring, some fun paint effects can be applied!

Sofa – Ensure this is a sturdy build with durable, neutral fabric. If you’re able to spend a little more for stain-resistant fabric or covers one could wash, this is well worth your while. The look can be changed whenever you like by using different cushion covers and throws.

Chest of drawers – A good, timeless chest of drawers is super versatile and can be used in almost any room in the home, as needed, from an entry hall to an extra storage unit in a bedroom, to a towel cupboard in a bathroom, to a lovely cabinet for a TV to rest on in the living room, a good chest of drawers can cover all these and more!

Rug – a classic Persian or geometric weave is the kind of rug that you can use time again as the mood moves you, from using it as a runner in the passageway, to dining room, to bedroom. Rather spend some extra money buying something that will last a few years and not end up in tatters after one year of wear.

For that special dining table (and chairs) or chest of drawers that you’re considering investing in, take a look at our beautiful selection. If you don’t see your dream table, chairs or chest of drawers here, let us know what you’d like and we’d love to help – We can make it for you from scratch!