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Caring For Solid Wood Furniture


With the right care, quality hardwood furniture is an investment that without a doubt can last a very long time. You can extend your furniture’s life considerably with effortless and minimal amount of care.

Have a look at the following information for hints and tips on ways to keep your furniture at its best.

There are various ways to help acclimatise your furniture and one of the best ways is to treat it immediately with a specially formulated wax polish, and to continue the treatment at three month intervals. A regular, continuous treatment will protect your furniture from being damaged and keep the timbers nourished; thus creating a durable, protective seal. You need to be careful to select a shade of wax polish that specifically blends with the colour of your furnitures wood.

Avoid the use of household cleaning products, cleaners or solvents, which are meant for items other than hardwood furniture since they are likely to diminish the finish.
Please note that not treating your hardwood furniture as per the manufacturers instructions could result in drying and splitting, and any warranty they may offer could be rendered invalid.

Top tips for looking after your hardwood furniture:


  • When your receive your furniture, treat it immediately with wax polish
  • Continue to do so every three months to ensure the wood is protected and nourished
  • Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to blot up any spills immediately
  • When using your furniture, protect it with coasters, tablecloths and placemats


  • Position items of furniture in areas which are exposed to direct sunlight, as this can cause the finish to fade
  • Place furniture directly next to air conditioning and heating ventsUse solvents, cleaners or other household cleaning products meant for items other than hardwood furniture, as they can damage the furniture’s finish.