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Benefits of Real Wood Furniture

real wood tableInterest in real wood furniture is enjoying a boom: you’ll see it everywhere from kitchens to lounges. This isn’t accidental; wood has benefits that go far beyond simply looking good. Contemporary or vintage, this truly is the material that has it all.

Wonderful durability
If you’re fed up with replacing furniture frequently, here’s your answer. Solid wood tables, chairs, and accessories can last for many years – in some cases, even a lifetime. A well-made oak dining table, for example, might even be something you’d want to hand down to your children as a treasured heirloom.

Goes with everything
If you prefer your interior design to be contemporary and colorful, the natural yellow tones of ash might be the perfect choice for side tables and other accents. If you have a room with a dark floor, you may prefer to go for a mid-toned dining table to set it off without creating a harsh ambience.

solid wood chairQuality craftsmanship
Unlike cheap, mass-produced items that are made from artificial materials, owning a set of hand-built, lovingly assembled beautiful wood furniture will give your heart the same warm glow that comes from owning a work of art – because that’s just what it is. Whenever you use or look at it, you will know that you invested in the best.

Breakages can be fixed
With plastic furniture, a crack can mean having to throw out the item entirely. This is rarely the case when you choose solid wood furniture. Small scratches and dents can usually be quickly repaired with simple wood treatment products, while specialist repairers can make even badly stained or scratched table-tops look as good as new. 

Great appearance

This may not be the only benefit of wooden furniture, but it can’t be ignored. Wood looks naturally good, giving an effortlessly stylish appearance to any room. Whether it’s the light, airy feel of pine or the richer hues of walnut, there’s nothing quite as easy on the eye as real wood.